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Staphylococcal Exfoliative Toxins Detection Kit
by Reversed Passive Latex Agglutination
Product Contents Code
EXT-RPLA "SEIKEN" * 20 tests 230492
Staphylococcal exfoliative toxins A and B detection kit by RPLA
This kit consists of
Sensitized latex anti-exfoliative toxin A (EXT-A)
Sensitized latex anti-exfoliative toxin B (EXT-B)
Control latex
Control EXT-A (Lyophilized)
Control EXT-B (Lyophilized)

5 mL 1 vial
5 mL 1 vial
5 mL 1 vial
0.5 mL eq x 1 vial
0.5 mL eq x 1 vial
50 mL x 1 vial
*This product is not avaliable for sale in all countries. Please enquire for further details.